4 Day Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Gorilla Tracking Safari: 4 days

The 4 day gorilla tracking safari in Rwanda is time well spent enjoying the sights and sounds in Kigali, the scenery in Kinigi, gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park, and the beauty and fresh air of the land of a thousand hills.

Mountain gorillas are an endangered species with a worldwide population of about 880. They have in recent years become popular with tourists visiting Africa. They can be tracked in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda and Uganda are the safest places to track.

Day 1 Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Day one is for your arrival and transfer to the Kinigi and the Volcanoes National Park. You will be met and welcomed by one of our representatives who will take you on a short tour of Kigali as you proceed to the Volcanoes National Park. You will see some of the markets in the capital, the genocide memorials and a few other landmarks in Kigali. Rwanda is rich with History, some of it very tragic, but the country has risen from the ashes, and rebuilt itself. It a nice and peaceful place to visit.


You will go on to the volcanoes national park, which is where you will be doing your gorilla trekking. The park is found on the foothills of the Virungas, and ranges in altitude from 2400km to 4507km.

Although gorilla tracking hikes can be tiring they are well worth the effort.

There is good accommodation in the area so you can be sure to rest well, and feed well on your trip.


Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Day two is all about gorilla trekking. After an early morning breakfast and a short briefing from the park officials you will set off into the park and the forest to track a family of mountain gorillas. You will enjoy hiking through the forest, seeing the various bird species as you go along, and the scenery is simply amazing. You can see the mountain peaks through gaps in the tree canopies. You might come across some elephants, buffaloes and golden monkeys, and a few other animals.

After a few hours of of tracking, or if you are lucky, less than an hour, you will find the family of mountain gorillas and you will be glad you made the trip.

Watching these magnificent creatures live out their everyday life, feeding, grooming, playing, or just staring back at you, is quite an experience.

The gorillas have been habituated, so they are used to human presence and will not attack or run off to hide, as long as you follow the guides instructions.

After such an adventurous day, you will enjoy a relaxing evening at your lodge.

Day 3 Golden Monkey Hiking Or Bisoke

On day 3, you can choose to either climb mount Bisoke/Muhavura, visit golden monkeys in the volcanoes national park, or trek to Diane fossey’s grave. You can also do some community tourism and visit a school, or take a walk to Lake Bulera.

You can choose to do one of these depending on bookings, and costs as agreed upon and arranged. Any activity you choose will be interesting. Our guides will ensure that you have a good time and enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Day 4 Kigali City Tour

The last day of your gorilla safari in Rwanda will start off with breakfast and then you will leave volcanoes national park for Kigali. In Kigali you will be taken to some of the sites in the city such as the genocide memorials, the Franco-Rwandan cultural centre and a few other places.

After lunch, you’ll be taken to the airport and soon be on your way back home.

Bon voyage!!